Whether as an individual or a business, we are all increasingly obliged to reduce our impact on the environment. Things we have to consider include reduction and recycling of waste, sustainable energy sources, green travel and energy efficiency. Whatever happens in post Brexit Britain these obligations won’t be going away.

It’s important to keep on top of changes in Environmental Law in order to minimise the risk of non-compliance. The environment Agency (EA) enforces the legislation in various ways, primarily through fines and civil penalties. Should your case be taken to court, most offences now carry significant fines or even imprisonment. 

If you’re facing investigation or prosecution from the EA, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible as this could have a significant financial and reputational impact on you and your business.


Here at Curtis Law Solicitors we can assist with issues relating to:  

Illegal dumping/fly tipping:

Businesses frequently do it inadvertently without realising that they are committing an offence. Individuals, proprietors of businesses and company directors can be prosecuted and/or fined and in the case of directors could be subject to disqualification.

Water and air pollution:

If you or your business are, even unwittingly, emitting polluting or noxious substances in excess of the statutory maximum you can be subject to prosecution.

Contaminated land:

Landowners’ who sometimes unsuspectingly purchase contaminated land may be liable for the cost of remediation imposed by the local authority (possibly in conjunction with the EA) who will typically require a developer to deal with the legacy of any contaminated land at the site.


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